*Note: Portland Dungeon Master is only doing games online until further notice. We might be stuck inside, but that won’t stop the game!

Interested in trying out a new tabletop RPG game?

Want to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons?

Need a unique birthday party, bachelor party, or team building event?

Portland Dungeon Master can help!

We’ve been running games for decades and currently have a live play podcast and streaming show. We’ve ran many ongoing campaigns as well as one shot games. It is our passion and we love both bringing new players into the game and expanding what the game can be to experienced players.

DM Justin
DM James


In Depth Stories

If you pick an adventure module or an original game, a lot of detail is paid to the story told and your character’s part in it.

A Game for Any Event

Having a birthday? A bachelorette party? A corporate event? We have experience with all of these and can tailor an experience to your liking.

An Inclusive Table

Everyone gets a time to shine and no one gets left out. Your fun at the table matters to me.

A Wide Variety of Games

Want to try something that isn’t Dungeons and Dragons? We have experience in a wide variety of RPGs and are always happy to learn more. Be it cyberpunk futures, pro wrestling, or post apocalyptic, we have a game that covers it.

All the Supplies

We’ll provide dice, miniatures, and anything else you need to get the game going. Premade characters are available as well, so you can jump right into the gaming.

Learn to Play

Never played D&D before? Don’t worry! It’s easier than you think, and We’re happy to teach you how.


Learn to Play

Haven’t played before? Learn to play with some premade characters in the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Three hours of DND.


Parties and Events

Throwing a party? Having a corporate event? We’ll provide everything you need.

Four hours of DND or the RPG of your choice.


Ongoing Campaign

Want to set up an ongoing game? We’ll have a session zero and then go from there!

Four hours of DND or the RPG of your choice.


*Discount available for buying multiple sessions!